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Supporting a Healthy Ocean

Blair Tuke and Peter Burling are two sailors who have spent their lives around the sea. Now, the Olympic Games champions, America’s Cup winners, and OMEGA ambassadors are advocating for a healthier ocean, thanks to the founding of their organisation, Live Ocean.

“To have a healthy future, we must have a healthy ocean.”
Blair Tuke and Peter Burling

Together with Blair and Peter, and the whole Live Ocean team, OMEGA is working to create innovative solutions, advocate, and promote change to better our seas. More than ever, it’s vitally important that we foster an ocean with clear, clean water, abundant fish populations, and thriving marine ecosystems.

“The partnership with OMEGA will take the message of positive ocean action to the world.”
Now is the time to prioritise the importance of the ocean and invest in knowledge that supports this ambition. By restoring and protecting our seas, the whole planet will benefit. These are valuable lessons that Blair and Peter have learned throughout their many hours on the water.
Peter Burling in the water
Blair Tuke and Peter Burling on the water

To discover more from Live Ocean, and its founders, visit Live Ocean.